Most people assume I started meditating when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The truth is, I've explored meditation and mindfulness practices my entire life, but never with consistency. My real entrée to a formal meditation practice came nine months prior to my diagnosis. I was a stressed out entrepreneur on the verge of burnout… Read More

It's official - a year from TODAY, May 22, 2018 my first book, Here We Grow: Mindfulness through the Big C will be published! Ever since I can remember I've had a dream of writing a book. This however is not the book I dreamed about writing. But life conspired with the universe and invited… Read More

May Meditation Awareness Month

That's right, evidently May is Meditation Awareness Month. In all fairness, May also celebrates Mother's Day, National Burger Awareness Month, Memorial Day, and my Dad's birthday. I couldn't find any hard data about May Meditation Awareness Month, but I love a good alliteration and was looking for some inspiration for my May newsletter, so decided… Read More

Having Thoughts in Meditation

One of the biggest misconceptions around meditation is that it is all about a zen moment of being completely calm and serene. While this certainly can happen, the truth is some meditations are really messy. As I've shared before, it's ok to have thoughts. It's the nature of the brain to have thoughts just as… Read More

I've dabbled in meditation and mindfulness practices for the last 20 years. It wasn't until about five years ago, when I was on the verge of burnout at my job, that I made the leap to cultivate a daily practice that fit my lifestyle. It started with a meditation training through The Chopra Center. It… Read More

My 4 year cancerversary

Hi sweet girl. Happy Valentine's Day! I remember this moment so clearly. You just had a biopsy and accidentally saw your breast cancer on the computer screen. Your initial instinct was to fight and flee, and then something kicked in - the reminder to breathe - in and out, in and out. You had just… Read More

Mindful Tips for January

Hello Friends. I hope you are embracing a mindful start to 2017. I don't know about you, but I find myself a bit disoriented and overwhelmed with the influx of energy that a new year brings and the massive waves of change that are prominent for so many of us at a personal, national and… Read More

Woo Woo To Do

Happy New Year! I have to confess - I have an aversion to new year's resolutions, especially since my cancer journey. Life is too short to be placing unrealistic expectations on myself which is usually coming from my ego anyways. I prefer to take a more emotive route - and focus on how I want… Read More

If you are seeking some mindfulness support through the holidays, I've gathered four of my free go-to guided meditations to manage holiday stress. Wishing you the most delightful holiday season. Remember to be kind to yourself and try to be present - it's the best give you can yourself and your loved ones. Happy Holidays… Read More

Holiday Self Care

Note: Originally posted on The Huffington Post Tis' the season of holiday JOY and OY. Sometimes, the plethora of events, obligations, and advanced pacing of the season can get the best of us. Below are a few tips to keep our body, mind and spirits in check so we can stay aligned with the true… Read More