Learn To Meditate 

Create A Daily Practice That Fits YOUR Lifestyle in 5 Days

When it comes to meditation,

there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Let's discover

Your Personal Meditation Style!

Together we will set you up for meditation success and a daily practice that sticks

Join me for my 5-day Virtual Meditation Boot Camp!

Let’s create your practice, together, at exactly where you are.

I have been where you are. I dabbled in various meditation techniques for years, but only when I received personalized guidance around the types of meditation and the variety of times and places to meditate, was I able to make my practice stick. Cultivating a daily practice that fit my lifestyle allowed me to fully experience the life-changing benefits of meditation, which include:

  • Feeling more responsive and less reactive  
  • Sleeping better  
  • Feeling more connected to myself and those around me
  • Improved focus and discernment when navigating stressful situations   



Find Your Meditation Style

Not just another item to add to your “to-do” list, this program is designed to empower you to feel more present in your life and be more efficient with the time you have.


My program is different from your typical meditation book or app; I will be your partner and guide through the next five days. Together, we will figure out which type of meditation, times of day, and location(s) that work best for you. Together, we will set you up for meditation success and a daily practice that sticks!



Keep your meditation groove going with the Soul Sparks Sustain program. Includes two additional meditations and a 1:1 consultation with me, Soul Sparks creator Paige Davis.

Ask me questions, share your Boot Camp experience, and receive perks + goodies as part of the Soul Sparks online community! Just post with hashtag #mymeditationstyle.

A simple and easy to use chart to track what's working for you and what's not during your week-long meditation journey. 

Insights around the realities of building a practice. We cannot put our lives aside, so it’s perfectly ok to have thoughts about your to-do list or what you need to get at the grocery store! It's about shifting your relationship with your thoughts.

Guided meditations created by yours truly!  Available in 5, 10, 15, and 20-minute increments with gentle background music. 

Personalized daily email that includes a tip to support your practice, an intention for the day, a recommended time of day and location (and lots of pretty pictures)!


DAY 2: Presence + Body Awareness

DAY 1: Gentleness + Breath Awareness

DAY 3: Kindness + Heart Centered Awareness

DAY 4: Patience + Mantra

DAY 5: Connection + Silence

DAY 6 (Bonus): Compassion + Loving Kindness

DAY 7 (Bonus): Guidance + Chakra


1:1 Hour Consultation with me, Soul Sparks Founder Paige Davis to review your Boot Camp experience and get personalized advice on sustaining your daily practice that sticks!

2 additional daily emails that include unique, guided meditations to try on your own

Daily personalized email to guide and support you through your 5-day meditation journey

All the elements of the Soul Sparks Boot Camp program PLUS....

Access to the Soul Sparks online community. Ask me questions and share your experiences with a group of fellow om-seekers.

“SHH I’M MEDITATING” sign, to help keep the world at bay

A Meditation Tracker for reflection and tracking your progress

Boot Camp 

Boot Camp + Sustain Program

Jumpstart your practice.  

Sustain your new practice! Includes a 1:1 consultation with me to ensure long-term success.

Boot Camp + Sustain Program



5 days of guided meditations with 5, 10, 15, and 20-minute options (online access)

Personalized, guided, 5-minute meditation, introducing a new technique daily, with opportunities to add on to your time

There isn't necessarily a perfect time to start meditation, which is why we are going to jump right in. The goal is to meet you exactly where you are in your life. Upon purchase, you will receive a welcome email with tips to get started and what to expect in our week-long program which will begin the following day.

My Meditation Story

While meditation won’t change current life events, it becomes a tool to transform our approach in how we respond in our lives with more compassion, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. Meditation shows up for us in the times we never knew we needed it. I experienced this first hand when, nine months into my daily practice, my doctor uttered the words, “breast cancer.” Meditation became my home base and gave me the perspective to realize I didn’t need to be positive to get through, I needed to BE PRESENT. It is this present-moment awareness that lies at the core of any meditation practice.

So how do we get to this “ideal” of present-moment awareness? It doesn’t require a catastrophic event, but it DOES take daily practice. Let me guide you on this journey to your “new normal” where what you think, feel and do are all in alignment.


Soul Sparks Founder

Paige Davis is an entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor, Huffington Post blogger and certified meditation teacher with the McLean Meditation Institute. She is passionate about inspiring change from a personal place of awareness. Paige works with companies and individuals to integrate meditation and mindfulness into their busy lives and ultimately invite more presence, focus, creativity, productivity and tolerance into their everyday.