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Workplace and Corporate Programs

Mindfulness At Work programs acknowledge the growing complexities of today’s workplace. Paige Davis, a mindfulness and meditation teacher and practitioner is a seasoned entrepreneur. She has worked for several startups, started a local wellness business, and co-founded social impact brand BlueAvocado. Paige understands first-hand the stressful triggers inherent in modern day work environments which were the catalyst to cultivating her own personal mindfulness practice. Her experience as a successful businesswoman and now a cancer survivor further validates the life-enhancing role that mindfulness can play personally and professionally. It is with this unique perspective that she empowers employees with a combination of mindfulness and meditation tools that provide tangible, and scientifically-proven solutions and benefits. Check out the programs here.

Mindfulness Mentoring

Whether you are looking to build a consistent meditation practice or simply looking for a transformational perspective to a challenge or obstacle in your life, Mindfulness Mentoring provides you the perspective to become more present, patient and productive in your life. Check out the programs here.