My 2017 Woo-Woo To Do

Woo Woo To Do

Happy New Year! I have to confess – I have an aversion to new year’s resolutions, especially since my cancer journey. Life is too short to be placing unrealistic expectations on myself which is usually coming from my ego anyways. I prefer to take a more emotive route – and focus on how I want to feel (i.e. peaceful, loving, joyful) and identify the things I can do that help to cultivate these feelings from the inside out. This allows me to then take inspired action from a centered place where I can contribute to my life, relationships and community in a more meaningful way.

So this year I mixed it up a bit and had a little sit down with my still small voice (the higher, wiser version of myself that is connected to source). We’ve been chatting quite a bit lately, and she had a few things to say. I know it sounds a little woo-woo, but for me it helps to feel connected to that bigger something/presence/source that I believe exists within each of us. Many of these bite size bits of wisdom are expansions of the many lessons I’ve gained over the last couple of years as I continue to embrace my ever evolving new normal. If any of the following resonate, I invite you to join me, particularly in #6. My still small voice made it clear, 2017 is the year of joy. Here we grow!

1. It still takes a village – connect, create, cultivate. The realization that you aren’t in it alone. Continue to surround yourself with people that inspire you and that you can reach out to. Then, complete the cycle and offer it back to others who are in need of support, inspiration, and connection. And of course you are NEVER alone in the universal sense. You have an entire team on this end that has your back.

2. Embody your body – your body knows. Continue to nurture and nourish your precious body. Often the soul lessons that are waiting to be learned come through conceptually first and then ultimately need to be integrated and embodied. Yoga, walking, running, dancing, acupuncture, pilates, massage, etc. Anything that keeps your energy in flow.

3. Express yourself – write every day. I love it when you converse with me directly in Q&A style. When you simply pose a question like “what do I need to know,” you know I always answer and will come flowing through.

4. Stay open – this is still a love journey. You have a choice in every moment to recognize if you are in a state of expansion or contraction. Keep leaning in to the expansion – you will find all you need in that space, even if it doesn’t always feel so good.

5. Meditate – every day. You know that meditation is not about doing it for the sake of doing it, but because it is daily exercise to connect your body, mind and spirit. You’ve seen first hand how the gifts show up even when you don’t know you need them.

6. Lighten up – have fun. Create a joy list of all the things that fill your body, mind and spirit and tap into that whenever you feel like you are starting to take life too seriously. Keep this list handy – on your computer, your phone, your fridge, anywhere where you can be reminded that joy is calling. This can be as simple as hanging out with friends and family, drinking tea, watching a funny movie, walking your dog, singing, dancing, etc.

7. Take pause – no more powering through. You know this. Physically your body won’t allow you to go into autopilot – your meditation practice is key to this. If things are starting to feel forced, stop. Be ok with the stillness and softness of the pause. It will always fill you up in the ways you need. This doesn’t mean you aren’t a productive person, it just means you are more mindful in where you are spending your energy.

8. Celebrate the wins – bank that shit. It’s so easy to remember the hardship or how things don’t always work in your favor. But by recognizing these universal moments where you feel my voice, or “coincidences” you strengthen the connection to see the guidance that is always with you. And you know whenever you are feeling lost or scared, simply ask for help, a sign – any sign. You know I am always with you in moments of surrender.

Oh and drink more water!

With gratitude – your still small voice..

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  • Bridget January 7, 2017

    LOVE this! Website is sparkly and vibrant and so inspiring. Glad you’re sharing your wisdom with the world.

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