3 Tips to Fully Embrace the Full Moon

blue moon rising

When I was in my 20s and living in San Francisco, my friends and I were religious about marking every new moon and full moon with some type of grandiose ritual. Over the years, my ritualizing has become more practical where I mark the moon cycles in my calendar – simply to acknowledge the significance and symbolism.

Different from a new moon that symbolizes a time of new beginnings, a full moon is a time of releasing the past. While full moons have been associated with heightened emotions and sleepless nights, they really represent an opportune time to let go of those things, people or circumstances no longer necessary for our growth in order to make room for the new. Each moon cycle has its own significance astrologically (my favorite go to source is Power Path). I like to look at these astrological interpretations not necessarily as an absolute truth but simply as interesting information that can shed some perspective or light. Whether you are a believer in astrology or not, the full moon is a time to symbolize the release of that which no longer serves us, what we no longer need in our lives or an aspect of ourselves that we have outgrown.

Here are just a few tips to fully capture the energy of the next full moon which will take place on June 2 at 11:18 AM CST.

1. Look in the sky – If nothing else, the full moon is usually an awe inspiring event. Take a moment to just find the moon and gaze at it just for few moments, reflecting on the past month with some gratitude in your heart (even for the times of hardships) and acknowledging the completion of yet another moon cycle.

2. Make moon wishes/intentions – By articulating that which we are hoping to release, we increase the power of really letting it go. When stating intentions, possible phrasing might include: I now release _____ from my life. I now end my preoccupation with______. Really envision as though you have already let go of what you are articulating. Simply write your statements in a journal or on a piece of paper with the time and date and at the end write the statement – “I now let this go with ease, love and grace. And so it is.” Feel free to use a phrase of your own choosing if this doesn’t resonate.

3. Optional: Add a little woo woo – While you don’t necessarily need to dance naked under the moonlight (although that can be quite liberating), there are some deeper rituals you can do. A simple one I like is to gather two bowls – one empty, one with water inside and a candle. If you can, take your paper of wishes, candle and bowls outside. Otherwise, just make sure you are in a safe place to burn your paper. When you feel ready, take the paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page and throw it into the empty bowl as it burns seeing the flames and smoke symbolizing your release. Once the paper is completely in ashes, cleanse the old and invite the new by placing place your hands in the bowl of water. Other rituals include taking a swim, shower, or bath to mark the purification.

Whether you embrace these rituals or not, the full moon energy will always have our back for our best wishes to be fully realized.

ps. If you are interested in continuing to ritualize future full moons, you can check out 2015 dates here.

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