4 Tips To Practice Holiday Self-Care

Holiday Self Care

Note: Originally posted on The Huffington Post

Tis’ the season of holiday JOY and OY. Sometimes, the plethora of events, obligations, and advanced pacing of the season can get the best of us. Below are a few tips to keep our body, mind and spirits in check so we can stay aligned with the true meaning of this time of year – connection, gratitude, and celebration.

1. Stick to what works – No need to place undue pressure on yourself by adding something new to your wellness routine. Consistency is key, so choose one thing and try to stick with it.

  • Get outside – Anytime we are outside, we are “naturally” in the present moment. Stomp your feet in the grass for extra grounding.
  • Meditate – If you have a practice, stick with it. If not, explore some present moment practices below.
  • Sleep – This is the where our body gets the most rest and resiliency. Be extra kind to yourself and listen to your body when its craving sleepy time.
  • Exercise – If you already have an exercise routine, stick with it as a great way to expel daily stress.

2. Nourish your body – It is natural to overindulge this time of year and you deserve to enjoy. But moderation is key and nourishing your body along the way will help you stay mindful of what your body is really craving.

  • Take a bath – Add some epsom salt and your favorite aromatherapy oil for an extra boost of relaxation.
  • Eat nourishing foods – Try boosting your body with soups and juices in between holiday soirees.
  • Fix a cup of tea – The simple act of preparing tea can be a nourishing practice. Take in the aromas and notice any physical sensations as you drink.
  • Drink water – Water keeps us hydrated and energized and can keep other things like headaches and stomach aches at bay.

3. Be kind to yourself – It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but try to welcome some boundaries as a way to practice self-compassion.

  • Say no – People will understand if you can’t attend an event. If you say yes only to the things you want to do, you won’t feel as frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • Remove should – Let your actions be a true expression of your holiday spirit and what you want to do, not simply an obligation to get through..

4. Practice Present Moment Practices – The are simple practices that you can do anywhere and anytime you are needing a moment of peace.

  • Close your eyes: Going within produces a sense of balance and relaxation.
  • Feel your breath; Simply feel the rise and fall of your chest.
  • Smile: Releases endorphins that reduce stress and help us feel better. Even faking a smile can produce the benefit.
  • Set an intention: Shifts awareness from a stressful situation to a peaceful one (all is well, I am calm).

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