“Appy” Friday: Buddhify – Bringing Mindfulness to Life

When I featured the first Appy Friday last month, I was excited to explore how technologies can enhance our mindfulness + meditation experience. However, I have to admit that I do I feel a bit conflicted when it comes to recommending apps for meditation. Isn’t the goal to unplug? I stay committed to my belief in the importance of a gadget free daily practice. However, when we are first starting out and developing our practice, these apps can be helpful as we begin to build our toolkit of awareness to see what resonates with our meditation style and help to provide support and consistency which is key. Which leads me to this month’s app feature – Buddhify.

What I initially loved about Buddhify is that they acknowledge that we are living in a digital age and own the irony in using your phone to practice meditation. But what they share and I wholeheartedly agree is that it isn’t about what we are doing as much as it is about how we are doing it. They have an expansive offering of about 15 lead topics and within those about 6 exercises for that topic all in a visually appealing format that is pretty easy to navigate. They have topics ranging from how to use mindfulness while at your computer to meditations you can do with your partner or housemate when you both arrive home and to provide some “connection” time. Additional topics include eating, waking up, feeling stressed, walking around, difficult emotions and many more. All of the topics are designed to practice mindfulness + meditation in the midst of our busy lives.

My favorite feature by far is the variety of teachers – all with very calming, inviting and accessible voices. I’m especially a sucker for British accents which a few of their teachers have. In addition, the content of the actual meditations is relevant, effective and paced very well. In fact, the “going to sleep” meditation is so effective, I couldn’t even tell you what it consisted of since I slipped into sleep so soundly.

Now if I’m being honest, I got a little overwhelmed using this app. I felt like a kid in a candy store wanting to try ALL the meditations. However, this is where my belief that we all need to explore different tools and pay attention to what is useful and not useful for us comes into play. That ultimately is how we will create a sustainable daily practice. For me, my stillness practice is home. But, I do like to mix it up every now, and this is a great tool to do that.

Would I replace Buddhify as my ongoing meditation practice? Probably not. But would I “tap” into it every now and then as a way to boost more mindfulness during my daily activities – absolutely.

My sense is that if you are a pie chart kind of person who is on the go and simply can’t find the time to sit in your home or office, this will be an ideal tool for you and would encourage you to check out Buddhify today. Pay attention to what is working for you and what is not, and build from there.

Mindfully Yours,

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