“Appy” Friday: Headspace

I’m so excited to share this month’s “Appy” Friday feature with the mindfulness app – Headspace. I first discovered Headspace in a roundabout way after hearing its creator Andy Puddicombe’s TED talk. He is one of a handful of TED speakers that really hones in on the accessible natuture of mindfulness while still maintaining the integrity of the ancient philosophy and brain science that is increasingly validating the tangible emotional, physical and spiritual benefits. Andy Puddicombe has a fascinating background with some real spiritual street cred as an ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk.

What I appreciate about Headspace is threefold:
1. It promotes the importance of consistency of a daily practice and an accessible way to do that.

2. It explains the brain science supporting the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in a way that is visually appealing + fun and easy to understand.

3. It recognizes the important role that playfulness and curiosity “play” on the journey which are important components in establishing a successful practice. While meditation can certainly be a serious and introspective process, it doesn’t always have to be. I’m discovering this first hand for myself. Headspace helps cultivate a foundation where there is room for all experiences.

In terms of features of the free version, it does have ability to set reminders and even mindfulness moments with messages that can show up throughout your day, but the core of the app is the Take 10, which is a 10 minute + 10 day program that they position as the gym membership for the mind. Each session is an authentic experience of working with Andy where the user is exposed to some understanding of fundamentals + brain science to building a practice along with some guidance to actually practice. And for anyone initially exploring mindfulness + meditation, it is this concept of daily exercise of the brain that is the key to establishing a consistent practice.

If you are interested in more offerings, with a variety of monthly subscription models, you do get access to additional online programs that are centered around health, relationships, performance, creativity and further foundation courses.

It does an excellent job of demonstrating the fundamentals and brain science with its unique animations (which are really helpful for those of us more visually minded) and using Andy as the key voice. Given his background, it helps to establish the feeling of a real teacher + student relationship and that you are being guided with confidence.

I realize as I am writing this it may sound like I know Andy. I don’t, but it sure feels like I do after spending 10 days of the Take 10 program, and I am grateful for the virtual support from an inspired teacher.

So if you are the type of person that does better with a trainer and appreciates consistency in building a new habit, this is the mindfulness app for you. Check out Headspace today!

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