Woo Woo To Do

Happy New Year! I have to confess – I have an aversion to new year’s resolutions, especially since my cancer journey. Life is too short to be placing unrealistic expectations on myself which is usually coming from my ego anyways. I prefer to take a more emotive route – and focus on how I want… Read More

If you are seeking some mindfulness support through the holidays, I’ve gathered four of my free go-to guided meditations to manage holiday stress. Wishing you the most delightful holiday season. Remember to be kind to yourself and try to be present – it’s the best give you can yourself and your loved ones. Happy Holidays… Read More

Holiday Self Care

Note: Originally posted on The Huffington Post Tis’ the season of holiday JOY and OY. Sometimes, the plethora of events, obligations, and advanced pacing of the season can get the best of us. Below are a few tips to keep our body, mind and spirits in check so we can stay aligned with the true… Read More

5 Tips for Mindful Gift Giving

I love a good deal as much as the next person, but there is no denying the frenzy of holiday shopping can feel overwhelming. At the end of the day, this is a time of year where we can be reminded of the magic of the holidays and the central themes of giving, receiving, kindness… Read More

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is an excellent reminder of the importance that gratitude can play in our lives. While gratitude is ideal to practice during the holidays, it can also serve as a powerful daily practice. Research shows that a regular practice of gratitude releases the “bliss” hormones oxytocin and dopamine which… Read More

Mindfully Managing Holiday Stress

I’m so excited to be offering this holiday inspired workshop in Austin at two convenient north and south locations. In this 90 minute workshop we will explore triggers that impact holiday stress, how the body responds to stress and why mindfulness can help us be better equipped to enjoy the holidays with family and friends… Read More

Post Election Inspiration

Like so many people, I still find myself dazed and confused from the events of this past week. With so much fear and uncertainty, I continue to be grateful for my practice to provide a steadiness as I process the wide range of emotions that I know so many of us are experiencing. It can… Read More

This week’s mindfulness booster is inspired by one of my favorite teachers Sharon Salzberg where she articulated the act of voting as the ultimate expression in compassion. She says: I believe voting is a great privilege and that civic participation can be thought of as an expression of mindfulness and compassion. In fact, voting seems… Read More

Soul Sparks Meditation Resource Guide

With election day, holidays, and end of year soirees beginning to take hold, this is an ideal time to take your meditation to the next level or jumpstart it for the first time. Meditation and mindfulness is perhaps the best precautionary step you can take to stay ahead of the increased pacing that typically takes… Read More

Resources for those newly diagnosed with cancer

In case you missed the pink memo, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is always a confusing time for me. Even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the pink frenzy of October sent me into a tailspin. While I will always be an advocate of raising awareness, the flurry of fashion, foodie, and… Read More