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I have to confess, I didn’t think this week’s newsletter was going to happen. The truth is the short week caught me off guard. After an amazing Labor Day weekend celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed upon my return realizing the responsibilities I had for the upcoming week.

In my old world, I would have just powered through to GET IT DONE (which technically I’m doing, but stay with me:-) However these days, I operate from a different place where self-care is a top priority and how I spend my energy and time is a conscious choice I have in any given moment.

I thought in an effort to mix-up the weekly spark, I would share my perspective as I work to shift from my old school ways of “powering through” to my new normal fueled by a desire to trust, be guided, and inspire my actions from the inside out. We all have obligations and priorities that we need to adhere to, but what I’m learning is that we have an opportunity to meet these obligations from a more grounded, guided and authentic place within ourselves. Here are just a few tips that I’ve discovered to be helpful in making this shift.

1. Checking-in with ourselves: Through my daily practice, I am better able to discern the cues that my spirit and body provide as reminders to take pause, seek nurturing/nourishment, recalibrate, and move forward from a more responsive place. For example, I realized that while this newsletter technically could appear as a weekly obligation that I’ve put upon myself, it’s actually a weekly grounding + creative outlet where I have the opportunity to reflect, share, and tap into what is inspiring to me. In reality, I know that most people would not even miss this weekly newsletter if I skipped a week, and that it would be OK if I didn’t send anything out (although I know many a marketing guru who would disagree). But by checking in and connecting with what was important for me, I was able to I honor that I am doing the best I can and take action from a more inspiring and peaceful place in my heart.

2. Double down on self-care: As I’ve shared before, meditation is a non-negotiable when it comes to my daily practice. But admittedly, there are times when I’m feeling more overwhelmed. One of my teachers likes to respond to people who say they don’t have time to meditate that they need to meditate twice as long. I love this advice! While it may seem ironic and technically require more time, these stressful times are when I double down on my self-care. This can be anything from having a cup of tea, adding an extra meditation, taking a walk outside, taking an epsom salt bath, getting some energy work, or seeing my acupuncturist. Regardless, I give myself permission to simply nurture my body, mind and spirit, knowing it will fuel me in the ways that are most nourishing for the long-term.

3. The universe always has our back: I had an appointment this week that I was a little bit nervous about. I ended up oversleeping which I NEVER do and had to literally roll out of bed and jump in the car to make the appointment. I ended up arriving right on time and was pleasantly surprised by how nice the experience was. In my mind (which was overcome by fear), I had created this harsh and cold environment. But it was the complete opposite. As I continued to move throughout my day, I was keenly aware of how kind people were being. It was little things like having someone open the door for me and smile when I went to Starbucks, or someone letting me in during traffic and waving. While it may seem silly, it is these innocent moments that remind me that the universe always has my back. I needed those few extra minutes of sleep so I wouldn’t spend the morning ruminating. I needed those random gestures and kindness from strangers to realize I wasn’t alone in the universal sense. And I needed to be reminded that with so much out of our control, we are always guided, protected and loved in every moment.

So there you have it, a long winded musing that I felt compelled to share as I try to take my own advice to be kind to myself and let go of expectations. For the greatest gifts come when we are connected to our spirits and operating from a place of gratitude, peace and love.

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