Soul Sparks Meditation Resource Guide

With election day, holidays, and end of year soirees beginning to take hold, this is an ideal time to take your meditation to the next level or jumpstart it for the first time. Meditation and mindfulness is perhaps the best precautionary step you can take to stay ahead of the increased pacing that typically takes… Read More

It’s been awhile since my last Appy Friday review, but it is not out of lack of trying new apps. Trust me, I’m embarrassed by the number of apps downloaded and ultimately deleted. Like so many people, I’m looking for that “big red bow” of meditation apps that solves ALL barriers that keep people from… Read More

The Chicago Tribune recently featured an article titled Think on this: Meditation apps are not good enough. Now investors of the popular Headspace app which just secured a $30 million round of funding, might disagree. However, the author certainly articulates some important insights. In the article, Jon Lieff, a psychiatrist and a specialist in the… Read More

I’m so excited to share this month’s “Appy” Friday feature with the mindfulness app – Headspace. I first discovered Headspace in a roundabout way after hearing its creator Andy Puddicombe’s TED talk. He is one of a handful of TED speakers that really hones in on the accessible natuture of mindfulness while still maintaining the… Read More

When I featured the first Appy Friday last month, I was excited to explore how technologies can enhance our mindfulness + meditation experience. However, I have to admit that I do I feel a bit conflicted when it comes to recommending apps for meditation. Isn’t the goal to unplug? I stay committed to my belief… Read More

I’ve explored my fair share of mindfulness and meditation apps. So I’m beyond thrilled when I discover one that really provides a nice variety of consistent experiences for newbie and experienced meditators alike. The app has several user friendly features. It includes a variety of scenes you can choose from including: Rain on Leaves… Read More