Befriending Uncertainty 2.0

Originally published on The Huffington Post When I speak about the importance of present-moment awareness to a new group of employees or workshop participants, I’m oftentimes met with confused glances. Sure, it’s nice to be present when we are feeling good. But what about the stressful times when we are scared, sad, anxious, overwhelmed, and… Read More

My 4 year cancerversary

Hi sweet girl. Happy Valentine’s Day! I remember this moment so clearly. You just had a biopsy and accidentally saw your breast cancer on the computer screen. Your initial instinct was to fight and flee, and then something kicked in – the reminder to breathe – in and out, in and out. You had just… Read More

Resources for those newly diagnosed with cancer

In case you missed the pink memo, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is always a confusing time for me. Even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the pink frenzy of October sent me into a tailspin. While I will always be an advocate of raising awareness, the flurry of fashion, foodie, and… Read More

Tips and Resources For Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

There is really nothing that can prepare you for a cancer diagnosis. It is a shocking and momentary devastation that is overwhelming on so many different levels for both the individual and their families. Prior and post to my own cancer diagnoses, I have been on the other side of this disease as I have… Read More

Original Article Posted on Ozy Jews don’t get tattoos, I was always told. Whether fact or fiction, it was a Jewish rule ingrained in my psyche at a young age. (And then further cemented by Larry David in that hilarious episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. ) Which made it all the more ironic that I… Read More

Originally Posted via Huffington Post The other day I was preparing my morning coffee and grabbed my coconut milk out of the fridge and gave it a good shake. The cap wasn’t on correctly and it spilled EVERYWHERE. Even my black haired dog was covered in coconut milk. I lost it and broke down, like… Read More

5 Ways To Mindfully Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Originally posted on mindbodygreen For many breast cancer survivors, including myself, the pink frenzy of October can be a confusing time. On the one hand, as a survivor, I appreciate this raised awareness and am grateful for the role it has played in my own healing journey. The opportunities to get involved and show support… Read More

Originally posted on The Huffington Post. As October rolls around, so does the pink frenzy of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This will be my third year experiencing Breast Cancer Awareness month through the lens of being a survivor. The first year I was raw. I was in the thick of it with chemo, and everything… Read More

There is no question that I can get a little geeky when it comes to discovering research that validates the importance of mindfulness and meditation. So when researchers in Canada found the first evidence of altering the cellular activity of cancer patients who participate in support groups that encourage meditation and yoga, I was literally… Read More

5 Ways To Mindfully Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The last thing I want to be talking about is cancer. As I am writing this, it’s been one year since my fourth and last surgery, one and a half years since my 16th and last chemo treatment, and two and a quarter years since my original diagnosis. I’m annoyed that I’m still so easily… Read More