It is SXSW here in Austin, Texas and while an exciting time where digital innovation, film, and music are oozing from every possible outlet in the city, it is “virtually” impossible to not be inundated with technology overload. So it is especially fitting that created this relevant infographic below on how to take control… Read More

It’s been a busy week for the Meditation Bar here in Austin, Texas. I’m so happy to be a part of the Meditation Bar team and seeing their vision really starting to take hold. Check out these two recently featured articles for mentions of this Austin studio making meditation accessible for everyone!      … Read More

Corporate Meditation Benefits

It looks like the elite publication Harvard Business Review has been busy studying the impact meditation can have in corporate and political environments. In our “Did You Know” roundup, we feature just a few of the latest articles that HBR has recently published as well as an article from NPR featuring how meditation is catching… Read More

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel and technology – so when it is in its retrograde period (which it is until January 25), all of these areas can feel like they are going haywire. Typically Mercury in retrograde happens 4 times a year. For 2016 the future dates are April 28-May 22, August 30-September 22… Read More

This is a little embarrassing to say, but I think I used to be proud of my stress. Like many of us, I knew stress was bad for me, but I think I associated it with productivity. The more stressed I was, the more valuable I felt as I was in that constant state of… Read More

I’m a sucker for a good visual, so when I discovered this infographic from our friends at, I appreciated the beautiful articulation of the 7 key things that mindful people do. Check out the infographic below as a reminder of things we can all start to implement. And be sure and read the full… Read More

Playfulness and lightheartedness are important tools to have in our self-care toolkit. And nothing like youtube to give us an easy giggle. Below are just a few of my favorite feel good videos of the week. Happy Friday! 100 Movie Dances Mashup: If you haven’t already seen this mashup of Uptown Funk synced with some… Read More

Last week I had one of those days that was super productive but non-stop. I couldn’t wait to get home and settle in for my late afternoon/happy hour meditation. I was so excited by my new zen den (more on that later), that I literally walked in the door, plopped down on my meditation chair… Read More

As the popularity of mindfulness and meditation continue to escalate, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all new articles and information. Below I highlight some of the most relevant and intriguing headlines to hit over the last few weeks. NPR: Does Mindfulness Mean Anything? – This is a comprehensive article that provides… Read More

It’s been an eclectic week of news headlines. From research about teens to a playful (and perhaps offensive) guided meditation that’s gone viral, here is the latest news. The Guardian: Mindfulness study to track effect of meditation on 7,000 teenagers – Psychologists and neuroscientists from Oxford University and University College London announced on Wednesday they… Read More