Befriending Uncertainty 2.0

Originally published on The Huffington Post When I speak about the importance of present-moment awareness to a new group of employees or workshop participants, I’m oftentimes met with confused glances. Sure, it’s nice to be present when we are feeling good. But what about the stressful times when we are scared, sad, anxious, overwhelmed, and… Read More

Mindful Driving

Originally posted on The Huffington Post When I first moved to Austin over 15 years ago, I was struck by how much people complained about the traffic and the weather. And then I realized, because there wasn’t much else to complain about. Austin is good livin’. But coming from the Bay Area and commuting daily… Read More

No surprise, I love a good infographic. I’m a visual learner, so appreciate anything that aesthetically articulates. Check out these specific mindfulness techniques to reduce stress from our friends at which talks about specific mindfulness techniques to reduce stress. Source:… Read More