This week’s mindfulness booster is inspired by one of my favorite teachers Sharon Salzberg where she articulated the act of voting as the ultimate expression in compassion. She says: I believe voting is a great privilege and that civic participation can be thought of as an expression of mindfulness and compassion. In fact, voting seems… Read More

Mindfully Drinking Coffee

I will admit, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I always tell people that prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was the healthiest person I knew. But cancer invited me to view health from a lens of the inside out. Of it being less about how I look and more about how I… Read More

I’ve spent the majority of July waiting. There has been the tangible waiting – at airports, in traffic, or at the doctor’s office for my 6 month check-ups. And there has been the metaphorical waiting – for guidance, feedback, or a response of some nature. But regardless of the type of waiting, my meditation practice… Read More

mindfully emailing

I’ve recently been fortunate to engage with more companies looking to incorporate mindfulness into their workplace. And one of the questions that keeps coming up is how to reconcile our relationship with technology when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. While I am a big believer in the ultimate benefits of unplugging when it comes… Read More

One of my favorite present-moment practices I like to share with people, is to smile. Now to clarify, practicing mindfulness is not necessarily about always feeling happy. In fact, once we start to practice on a consistent practice, we often find that our more difficult emotions that we shy away from have space to finally… Read More

Fair warning – I have sipped the vacation koolaid from my meditation retreat in Molokai, Hawaii, so my tone and articulation may be more flowery than usual as I try to savor the nectar of the experience (ugh – I literally can’t help myself:-). Many people have asked me to share the bite size nuggets… Read More

Mindful eating is a popular mindfulness activity that is simple, but not necessarily easy. I come from a long line of food shovelers, so when it comes to slowing down and enjoying the food we consume, it literally requires a concentrated effort. Because the practice is such a stretch for me, I’ve learned to break… Read More

Body awareness is a common mindfulness practice and one of my personal favorites. If your attention drifts (and it will!), simply bring yourself back to the physical sensations. As you explore the physical sensations as they come and go, you become a witness to your body and breath which helps to relieve stress and develop… Read More

Toolkit Tuesday: Candle

One of the key ingredients of any meditation or mindfulness practice is what you pay attention too. This is where many practices vary. This point of focus can come through our various senses. For example if engaging sense of touch, you might use something tactile like a stone or beads. If you are engaging sound… Read More

It may be obvious, but I love color! As someone who tends to be more visually oriented in my learning and expression, this actually plays a key role in my meditation and mindfulness practice. As I’ve shared before, I like to think of mindfulness as a muscle. As we practice through activities such as focusing… Read More