I love a good acronym, especially when it can provide a gentle mindfulness reminder. This is a practice that I learned during one of my first meditation retreats with Deepak Chopra. It is a simple practice that can be practiced throughout your day.   S: stop what you are doing T: take a few deep… Read More

One of the key essentials in any meditation practice is the realization that it is ok to have thoughts. That’s right – it’s the nature of the brain to have thoughts. Meditation is the practice of becoming awareness that we are having the thoughts and come back to a point of focus in the present… Read More

The best way to incorporate mindfulness into our lives is to think of something we do everyday, and explore ways to be more mindful while doing it. For today’s tip, we explore the opportunity of checking our email more mindful. Let’s get started! Step 1: As you prepare to check your email for the first… Read More

One of the basic essentials to starting any mindfulness + meditation practice is to be kind to yourself. But what I’ve discovered, is that can be a foreign concept for many of us. Sure we can drop everything and be there for a loved one who needs us, but we may not be so versed… Read More

Who can deny the general goodness that an authentic smile can bring? Smiling releases endorphins that reduce stress and help us feel better. Even faking a smile can lead to feeling happier. Below is a simple practice that will have you smiling from the inside out. Step 1: Pause where you are and take a… Read More

breath awareness practice

Breath awareness is probably one of the most accessible tools when it comes to meditation. The simple act of breathing in and out of our nose accesses the parasympathetic nervous system which automatically calms us and relaxes us. But there are several approaches when in comes to using the breath as a focus. This “pregnant… Read More

One of the key ingredients in meditation is having a point of focus. This can take the form of touch (i.e.: mala or rosary beads), sound (i.e.: mantra or chanting) or visual (i.e. color or candle). Color can serve as an important tool to have in our meditation toolkit. Working with color is especially effective… Read More

4 tips to mindfully drinking

Mindfulness is simply the practice of engaging attention in the present moment; letting your mind be full with the experience of here and now with a non judgemental attitude. And the best news is that it can literally be practiced anywhere. In today’s tip, we breakdown how to simply sip with a twist of mindfulness… Read More

Soul Sparks Peace Inside

I love this practice as taught by spiritual teacher Gabby Bernstein. This is a tangible tool that is especially effective for those of us that are more tactile oriented. By repeating a phrase silently while gently pressing your thumb against your index finger, then your middle finger, then your ring finger, then your pinkie finger… Read More

Holidays are here and it is the perfect opportunity to prime and prep our bodies, minds and spirits so we can be more present to the gratitude and joy of the season. Not to mention feeling more calm, responsive (vs. reactive), and emotionally present. Enjoy this 8 minute guided lovingkindness meditation. Practicing lovingkindness can be… Read More