One of my favorite present-moment practices I like to share with people, is to smile. Now to clarify, practicing mindfulness is not necessarily about always feeling happy. In fact, once we start to practice on a consistent practice, we often find that our more difficult emotions that we shy away from have space to finally… Read More

Fair warning – I have sipped the vacation koolaid from my meditation retreat in Molokai, Hawaii, so my tone and articulation may be more flowery than usual as I try to savor the nectar of the experience (ugh – I literally can’t help myself:-). Many people have asked me to share the bite size nuggets… Read More

Originally Published Via The Society Diaries Summer season has arrived and wedding bells are ringing incessantly. While a wedding is an exciting time, it can also be filled with stress and expectations. When it comes to planning, coordinating logistics, and managing dynamics amongst family members – the preciousness of this sacred event can quickly turn… Read More

It may be obvious, but I love color! As someone who tends to be more visually oriented in my learning and expression, this actually plays a key role in my meditation and mindfulness practice. As I’ve shared before, I like to think of mindfulness as a muscle. As we practice through activities such as focusing… Read More

One of the primary hurdles for people looking to start a meditation practice is finding a location and time of day that works for them. I’m a big believer that there is no size fits all when it comes to cultivating a daily meditation practice. But I can tell you, that by far, one of… Read More

One of the most popular questions I receive when working with people is the obvious contradiction that exists when it comes to using technology while practicing meditation and mindfulness. Technology isn’t bad in and of itself. With clear intention and purpose, technology can be helpful. But yes, our goal is to be ultimately able to… Read More

5 Ways To Mindfully Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Originally Posted on MindBodyGreen I was recently meeting with a client who travels quite a bit for work and personal. She is just starting to get in the groove of a daily meditation practice and shared her frustration in maintaining consistency while she travels. There is no question that regardless of the reason, travel literally… Read More

No surprise, I love a good infographic. I’m a visual learner, so appreciate anything that aesthetically articulates. Check out these specific mindfulness techniques to reduce stress from our friends at which talks about specific mindfulness techniques to reduce stress. Source:… Read More

As springtime makes its marks, so does a season representative of new beginnings, new life, and infinite moments of things to be grateful for. Whether it’s the warmth of more sunshine, the reckonings of new buzzworthy SXSW energy, or even the respite of spring break with friends and family, the invitation of gratitude is always… Read More

Originally Posted via Huffington Post The other day I was preparing my morning coffee and grabbed my coconut milk out of the fridge and gave it a good shake. The cap wasn’t on correctly and it spilled EVERYWHERE. Even my black haired dog was covered in coconut milk. I lost it and broke down, like… Read More