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Holiday Self Care

As 2015 begins to wind down, I find myself nestling into the deepest part of my spirit with a mix of reflection and inspiration. It has been a year of discovery, uncertainty, and growth as I continually try to be open to how Soul Sparks can best serve and hopefully provide some sparks of light in this sometimes dark world.

It’s also been a year of creativity which is something new for me. In fact I have a bit of a confession. I’ve only recently come to terms with the fact that I have a creative muscle inside of me. Sure I’ve started a few businesses in my professional career, but for some reason, those felt very tactical, not creative. It took reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s recent book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
in which she articulates the creative process from such a refreshing perspective, that I began to ask myself – “Wait, am I creative?”

The short answer which I find myself reluctantly embracing is yes. I am starting to acknowledge that there is in fact a creative process at work in my life at a very tangible and spiritual level. I’m realizing that creativity is not necessarily tied to the external output, but our ability to acknowledge and ultimately align those internal stirrings of our soul as an opportunity to realize and express the deepest part of ourselves, even in the most vulnerable of circumstances. It’s that light inside that is looking to shine bright. And we ALL have it.

Approaching life through this lens feels very foreign and disorienting. I find myself awkwardly fumbling my way. Yet, I simultaneously feel myself coming against an internal edge that is slowly beginning to soften and ultimately a sense of expansion is taking hold. I’m learning that this expansion is an important component in the creative process because it’s the space where intuition, inspiration, presence and connectedness can show up.

I’m reminded of how Soul Sparks came to fruition and through the gift of hindsight able to see the creative process at work. While the actual seed of Soul sparks was actually planted over 15 years ago (check out the history here), the current iteration was kind of created on a whim. I didn’t have any grandiose plans, but envisioned it being a destination to share my own insights, discoveries and lessons learned. The truth is, most of the things I share, are really because I need to hear them.

And yet, every week I’m reminded that there are actually people on the other side of this screen. Whether you read these newsletters/blog posts or not, your presence matters to me in a very meaningful way.

And so I want to thank you.

Thank you for your curiosity and willingness to try various mindfulness + meditation tools and techniques. Thank you for your patience as I explore new programs, content, and offerings. Thank you for inspiring me to stay truthful and authentic as I continue to navigate this new normal of my post-cancer world. Thank you for your willingness, openheartedness, and authenticity that you are cultivating in your own life. Thank you for being present and that spark of light for yourself and so many others in your life. It matters.

I’ll look forward to connecting in early 2016 with some exciting new projects to share. My hope is that together we will continue to illuminate a path of presence, peace and personal fulfillmment.

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and a very shiny + bright new year.

Take good care of yourself, be well, and shine on!

ps. If you are looking to get a jump start on your meditation practice for 2016, check out these holiday specials as a thank you for your interest!

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