Did You Know? Harvard Business Review Round Up

Corporate Meditation Benefits

It looks like the elite publication Harvard Business Review has been busy studying the impact meditation can have in corporate and political environments. In our “Did You Know” roundup, we feature just a few of the latest articles that HBR has recently published as well as an article from NPR featuring how meditation is catching on in political circles.

HBR – The Busier You Are, the More You Need Mindfulness:

“More than a quarter of Aetna’s 50,000 employees have taken part. Mindfulness scores increased as expected, but incredibly, on average, stress levels dropped by 28%, reported sleep quality improved 20%, and pain dropped by 19%. Aetna also calculated the savings to the company, finding that, on average, mindfulness participants gained 62 minutes of productivity a week, which is an estimated $3,000-per-employee increase in productivity for the company each year.”

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HBR – How Meditation Benefits CEOS:

“Mindfulness is quickly following yoga in becoming a billion-dollar industry. It’s no surprise, then, that the popularity of meditation – one way to practice mindfulness – is also growing among CEOs and senior executives. Why are business leaders embracing meditation rather than, say, massage or ping-pong? Because there’s something to meditation that appears to benefit CEOs more than recreation or relaxation do alone.”

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NPR – Capitol Hill Political Staffers Find Their Zen:

“Once a week or so, 25 to 50 staff members come together, not for happy hours or Crossfit sessions, but to practice the more reflective art of meditation. This group is casually referred to as the “Quiet Time Caucus.” They gather in a ratty-looking meeting room in one of the Capitol’s office buildings.”

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