Did You Know? Meditation in the News

Check out this roundup of the latest and most intriguing headlines.

Fast Company: An entrepreneur speaks about the benefits that meditation has made in his life and business, and that it doesn’t just have to be meditation, but any contemplative practice to experience these benefits. Read more >>

AARP: This article discusses the physical benefits of meditation and how it impacts our brain health. Read more >>

CNBC: Deepak Chopra made an appearance on CNBC Squakbox sharing why it is important to for Wall Streeters to meditate. Read More >>

Huffington Post: New York Times reporter David Gelles shares insights from his latest book Mindful Work and the many benefits that meditation can provide in the workplace. Read More >>

Boston Globe: This reporter gives a truthful account of a first time meditator and her personal reflections. Read More >>

Forbes: Learn about 7 profound ways that meditation can actually change the brain. Read more >>

Huffington Post: With all the hype around meditation and mindfulness, equal parts resistance exist. This article recognizes the skeptic opinion and explores why meditation will likely survive the backlash. Read More >>

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