Did You Know? Spiritual Stuff Roundup

As much as I love a good headline highlighting the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness, I am a sucker when it comes to spiritual news and inspiration. In this roundup, find articles that have spiked in popularity this past week in the world of all things spiritual.

DanielleLaporte.com: Danielle Laporte is one of my favorite writers and teachers. She says it like it is and has some profound insights when it comes to self-revelation and insight. In this tender-hearted piece, she highlights the importance of self-care as we experience the inevitable breakthroughs that will present themselves in our lives. Read more >>

The Chopra Center: In this piece from the Chopra Center, author Roger Gabriel provides some really useful tips to incorporating sadhana (spiritual practice) into our everyday. My favorite tip: “Don’t take anything too seriously; seriousness is just the ego feeling sorry for itself.” Read more >>

On Being: Sharon Salzberg is one of the leading teachers in the meditation and mindfulness movement. Her writings are always accessible and beautifully articulated. In this piece, she talks about how meditation is “simple, but not easy” which is why it is a practice. But with a daily practice, we are more capable of “self-compassion — to heal through letting go rather than harming ourselves with cycles of self-doubt, judgment, and criticism.” Read more >>

The Chopra Center: There is no greater cliche when many people think of the spiritual path than the importance of self-love. It is my personal opinion, that cliches exist primarily because they are true. This article from the Chopra Center breaks down how the path to true love really does start with ourselves and provides 7 practical stepping stones to discover this for ourselves. Read more >>

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