Did You Know? The Latest Headlines

It’s been an eclectic week of news headlines. From research about teens to a playful (and perhaps offensive) guided meditation that’s gone viral, here is the latest news.

The Guardian: Mindfulness study to track effect of meditation on 7,000 teenagers – Psychologists and neuroscientists from Oxford University and University College London announced on Wednesday they plan to recruit children aged 11 to 16 from 76 secondary schools as part of a seven-year study. The study will be the largest trial of its kind ever conducted and it would test some of the increasingly ambitious claims about the power of mindfulness meditation to tackle illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Read more here>>

Forbes: The Hot New Trend at Luxury Hotel – No need to travel to far off tropical destinations to get a little bit of retreat. Now it’s available in a much more accessible manner at some key luxury hotels which are valuing the importance of relaxation on vacation, focusing on a business trip, and empower guests with tools to live a more mindful lifestyle. Read more here>>

Mindful Magazine: 7 Tips for Talking About Meditation Without Being Annoying – The latest article from Dan Harris provides some good tips about sharing our enthusiasm around meditation with others while not being annoying. Read more here>>

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation – Admittedly feeling a little bit reluctant to share this, but when something provides a good laugh out loud moment it almost feels necessary to share. Regardless of the content, the sentiment and cadence are pretty spot on. If you at all get offended by bad language, you may want to refrain from this one. View the video here>>

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