Fall Meditation Resource Guide

Soul Sparks Meditation Resource Guide

With election day, holidays, and end of year soirees beginning to take hold, this is an ideal time to take your meditation to the next level or jumpstart it for the first time. Meditation and mindfulness is perhaps the best precautionary step you can take to stay ahead of the increased pacing that typically takes place as we enter into holiday mode and allows us to be more present, calm, and grateful.

As I always like to share, I’m convinced, it was the nine months of daily practice leading up to my cancer diagnosis that allowed me to stay focused, present and so connected to myself and others as I navigated such unchartered waters in such a meaningful way. Meditation became my home base when so much was out of my control. For me, this is the true gift of meditation, that it shows up for it in the times we never knew we needed it (and of course the times we KNOW we need it, like now:-). Luckily, there are some awesome and accessible resources available. Below are my top picks and special Soul Sparks offers that hopefully will inspire you to invite mindfulness and meditation to meet you where you are.

1. Oprah and Deepak FREE 21-Day Meditation Experience: Starting on October 31, the theme is Creating Peace From The Inside Out. This 21-Day Experience is what initially got me on the road to a meditation practice that worked for me. I highly recommend.

2. Soul Sparks Meditation Buddy Special: Purchase the Soul Sparks Learn To Meditate Boot Camp and add a friend or loved one for free! Just follow these simple 2 steps.

  • Step 1. Sign up at: soulsparks.com/meditation-bootcamp
  • Step 2. Forward your confirmation to hello@soulsparks.com with the name of your buddy and we will get them added immediately.

3.Get Appy: Check out my reviews of the popular apps Headspace, Insight Timer, Buddhify and Headspace here. With both free and paid versions, I’m confident there is an app to fit your meditation style. And if election stress really has gotten the best of you, check out these Meditations for Election Stress from 10% Happier featuring some of favorite teachers including Sharon Salzberg.

4: Let’s Meditate Together: If you are in Austin, join one of my classes.

You can also sign up for my Invitation to Everyday Mindfulness + Meditation workshop at the Peace Box on November 5 and 19 here. Hope to see you!

ps. Looking for some virtual mindfulness + meditation coaching? Check out the Deluxe Jump Start Program or contact me and we can discuss the best programming option for you.

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