FAQ Friday: What if I have too many thoughts to meditate?

The nature of the mind is to think, just as the nature of your eye is to see. Many people think meditation is about “clearing” our mind and while ultimately, that may happen, it’s not because you close your eyes and magically stop thinking. Meditation is the practice of becoming aware of having a thought, and then gently and without judgment, coming back to a point of focus (breath, body awareness, mantra). In other words, it’s totally normal to think about what you are going to have for lunch, or an email you need to send. Just become aware of having the thought and gently, without judgment come back to the point of focus. Each time we return our attention to the point of focus, it’s like daily exercise for our brain and allows us to be more present in our lives. You’ll find that as you do this, you can access more and more subtle levels of thinking and eventually you’ll experience the silence that underlies the thoughts. Thoughts are our tool to cue our point of focus, so having thoughts is a positive thing!

Check out this fun animation from our friends at Happify featuring Dan Harris that explains this concept further.

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