Friday Funnies! Feel Good Videos of the Week

Playfulness and lightheartedness are important tools to have in our self-care toolkit. And nothing like youtube to give us an easy giggle. Below are just a few of my favorite feel good videos of the week. Happy Friday!

100 Movie Dances Mashup: If you haven’t already seen this mashup of Uptown Funk synced with some of the favorite all time movie dances, then it is worth the 4:48 watch. Featuring moves from Risky Business, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Zoolander and one of my all time favorites, Sister Act 2!

Chubby Hedgehog Belly Rub: A client sent this to me saying this is how she felt after our session. Hilarious!

Lip Sync Battle with Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon: While technically this is from last week, you can’t help but smile when watching this. Love these two!

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