Here We Grow!

It’s official – a year from TODAY, May 22, 2018 my first book, Here We Grow: Mindfulness through the Big C will be published! Ever since I can remember I’ve had a dream of writing a book. This however is not the book I dreamed about writing. But life conspired with the universe and invited me on the most unimaginable journey and love story. In many ways, this book wrote me and helped me to reclaim parts of myself I didn’t even realize were lost. This is the narrative where I realized my Valentine’s Day breast cancer diagnosis wasn’t my crisis point, but a landing pad of spiritual and life experiences inviting me to integrate my mind-body-spirit and awaken to the divine love inherent to us all. I wrote this as a love letter to share with you, my (hopefully) future readers, family and friends. Thank you for the love and support along the way. Excited to share this new chapter together. Stay tuned!

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