Did You Know? Inspiration Round Up

I love it when I stumble upon some good ole’ inspiration. Below is a roundup of some of the latest videos, products, and websites that will hopefully sprinkle some inspiration in your own life.

Power of Silence: In this performance by Marina Abramovic, a former Yugoslav artist now based in New York, we witness an unbelievable encounter which speaks to the power that a moment of silence and love can bring. Check it out here.

Empathy Cards: Cancer survivor and L.A. based designer Emily McDowell created a line of emotionally direct greeting cards. Inspired by her own experience, the cards offer more authentic ways to talk about sickness and suffering. According to Emily via an interview on Slate.com, “Get well soon” cards “don’t make sense when someone might not.” For anyone who finds themselves unsure what to say or do when someone is diagnosed with an illness or life challenge, empathy cards help to articulate when we don’t know how. Check out the article here and these relevant greeting cards here.

Pixel Thoughts: This 60 second meditation invites us to type in something that is bothering us into a large star in the center of the screen. The star begins to slowly fade away as the website prompts us to take a deep breath and reassures you that everything is okay and “life is much grander than this thought.” Check out this effective and simply lovely meditation tool here.

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