January Monthly Round-Up

Mindful Tips for January

Hello Friends.

I hope you are embracing a mindful start to 2017. I don’t know about you, but I find myself a bit disoriented and overwhelmed with the influx of energy that a new year brings and the massive waves of change that are prominent for so many of us at a personal, national and global level.

This is also a time of year that marks my four year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis on Valentine’s Day. I keep thinking that this date will become less meaningful as more years pass. If anything, it reminds me of how my cancer journey turned into the ultimate love story of all – the connection to the deepest part of myself and my body, mind, and spirit in such an embodied way. While the most challenging time in my life, the lessons of love, compassion, gratitude, endurance, and resilience are with me everyday, especially during these times.

As a result, I’ve finally started to compile some of my reflections and blog posts into a book. It has been an insightful, cathartic, challenging, and healing process thus far. I’m excited to share more details as my publishing path unfolds. Because of this, I have not had the capacity to maintain weekly communications, so for the next few months I’ll be in touch via a Monthly Round-Up post.

This month I share a promotion that supports the Flatwater Foundation, some things I’ve added to my “lighten up/inspiration” file via my 2017 Woo-Woo To Do, and links to everyday mindfulness tips and free guided meditations to keep us centered as we navigate the unchartered territory we find ourselves. 

Thanks so much for your ongoing support!

February Promotions + Events

“Learn To Meditate” 5-Day Digital Program supporting the Flatwater Foundation:
The Flatwater Foundation provides mental heath services to cancer patients and their families. I will be donating 50% of each registration throughout February to support the important work they are doing. Register and start at your own pace here.

Austin Workshops: Check out my latest February workshops taking place at The Peace Box in Austin here.

Free Mindful Tips + Guided Meditations

If you are looking for simple ways to be more mindful in your everyday as a way to cope with some of the change and resistance taking place, be sure and check out the library of Monday Mindfulness tips. You can also check out a variety of free guided meditations on my blog or via Insight Timer. Remember to always be kind to yourself.

Lighten Up

Here are a few things that I’ve stumbled upon this past month that help to lighten my spirit and keep me inspired for the journey ahead. (Note: watch these videos mindfully by simply feeling what you are feeling and taking note of physical sensations, particularly around your heart center:-)

From a Bad Day to a Battlecry – Obama’s backstory on “Fired Up, Ready To Go” via The Atlantic.

Oprah and Mary Tyler Moore Surprise Lovefest – I am pretty much obsessed with all things Oprah and Mary Tyler Moore. RIP Mary.

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