Kind Words

Corporate + Executive Meditation Coaching

“As a first time offering in our wellness program, I wasn’t sure how our employees would respond to meditation but Paige made them feel comfortable, made it accessible and her passion was contagious. The tools and practical experience Paige provided our employees has carried over into their work and personal lives. They report being calmer, having clearer thinking and being more focused to do their job. Paige gave our employees a safe place to practice and establish a lifelong habit. This was one of our most popular wellness programs we’ve ever offered and the success is attributed to having Paige as their kind and caring leader.” Gina Akin, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Austin Community College.

“The entrepreneurial journey is full of intense pressure, steep expectations and unforgiving deadlines. It never feels like there is enough time in the day. We invited Paige to Galvanize to help our startups relax, ground and clear their minds. Her intro to meditation and mindfulness course was filled with actionable tips to be more present in work and life. The group was amazed to learn that even a mere 5 minutes a day is scientifically proven to make a difference in peace of mind. After our one guided meditation the group reported an increase in thoughtful decision making and a desire to communicate more kindly.” Jessica Cox, Membership Development Manager at Galvanize Inc

“I first engaged with Paige individually based on curiosity with some previous experiences I’d had but never quite grasped. After her introduction with mindfulness, it opened the door for me in many ways that’s enhanced my life both personally and professionally. I had to share this with our Team from work and had Paige join us for an off-site day. The Team experienced a similar impact and we now start our days with 15 minute mindfulness sessions each day. With multi-tasking, deadlines, the details and just navigating the realities of a hectic day, Paige’s practice has enabled us with better focus, a stress free state of mind and the invaluable ability to truly ‘be in the moment’.” D.L. Stone, Director, Rockford

“As a serial entrepreneur and business owner, my day always kicked off with a sweep of the in-box even before I’d gotten out of bed for my first cup of coffee. My pattern was go-go-go…and although the frenzy of energy has fueled me in the past, I had been feeling a loss in the internal connection and personal lift that I once used to have through what I called Quietude. Working with Paige provided a great source of the internal fuel that I had been missing for my day. Paige’s approach to guidance was nonjudgmental, realistic, kind, caring, and provided an practice for 10-minutes of priority mindfulness in my morning. This exercise has made a huge difference for me as a women, friend, wife, mother, consultant, and more. I’m grateful for Soul Sparks and the ease of the programming to build important practices again in my life for energy and mental rejuvenation.” Maggie Miller, Founder, Digital Union

“Paige co-facilitated Wake Up’s inaugural workshop and expertly guided participants through meditation and mindfulness exercises. She has a unique ability to hold a room with strength while also encouraging a gentle, centering energy. She added so much to the Wake Up experience and received rave reviews from our attendees.” Chelsea McCullough, Co-Founder, Wake Up

“I had meditated prior to meeting with Paige, however my practice was informal, inconsistent and ineffective. During my meetings with Paige I was able to learn techniques that enabled me to make large gains in my focus and concentration. I was able to gain confidence in my practice that made me more consistent and as a result, my overall sense of well being has greatly increased.” David Ewing, CEO and Founder, San Francisco Consulting Group

“I am the president of a successful, growing business. I find the challenges I face as a founder and leader are constantly challenged by the many hats I am required to wear. I decided to work with Paige at Soul Sparks to learn tools that would enable me to face hectic and often challenging days with a greater balance and ability to focus on one issue at a time. The outcome of the work however has been much greater. I find I am able to engage more fully with clients and staff. I am able to disconnect when I come home and my work isn’t follow me into my dreams. It did not realize this would be so profound. I know that this will lead to growth on the bottom line. I look forward to sending some of my clients to Paige for the same transformational experience.” Monique Maley, President, Articulate Persuasions

“Working with Paige has been transformational for my son and me together and individually. I was hoping meditation would become a tool we could use to help us communicate in a more centered way. I also wanted to have tools which my son could use to help him manage academic and social stresses that come with middle school. Our work with Paige has gone way beyond all of that. My son and I are closer and communicating better than ever. Despite being only 11 he now chooses to meditate on his own. He even taught some of the techniques to his class. We now meditate together most days before school and I find we are starting our days happier and calmer. I would recommend this journey for anyone wanting to connect with a loved one. Going through this experience together has been profound.” Monique Maley, President, Articulate Persuasions