20 Amazing Benefits of Laughter (via: Happify)

Like many people, I appreciate a good giggle. However, the relationship I have to my giggle is a complex one. My sisters and I are notorious for getting the temple giggles. I’d like to say this only happened when we were kids, but unfortunately it followed us into adulthood, and in the most inappropriate circumstances (funerals, bar mitzvahs, weddings, high holidays). I can now see that these inapporiate giggles were/are the result of feeling uncomfortable and not being mindful enough to be present with the true emotion at hand.

Thankfully, I’ve come to terms with my inappropriate giggles over the years and can appreciate the role that laughter can have on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Check out this awesome infographic from the good people at Happify highlighting 20 amazing benefits of laughter!

Click below to see the full infographic.

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