Meditation Starter Kit Toolkit – $30.00

toolkit components


This custom kit is mindfully crafted to cultivate a space and practice that fits your lifestyle.

The following kit includes tools that will provide a point of focus through engaging your senses. Designed to be used as standalone tool or in combination, all will enhance your meditation experience. All the items are packaged in a BlueAvocado (re)zip reusable bag to keep your items contained. A link to guided meditations is included. Limited quantities available!

What’s Inside?
Candle: Soy blended candle with cotton wick; lemon/lavendar scent; 28 hour burn time. Prosperity Candles create opportunities for women and families to flourish earning a living wage. Learn more at:

Clearing Spray: Combination of sage, prink grapefruit, and lemon essential oils; rose quartz infused purified water; himalayan sea salt; 4 oz. Designed to clear negative energy and enhance the wellbeing of any space.

Do Not Disturb Sign: Celebrate your daily commitment and proudly display this sign wherever you are meditating. It will help others respect your time and space

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