Mindfulness Booster: Candle Gazing

Toolkit Tuesday: Candle

One of the key ingredients of any meditation or mindfulness practice is what you pay attention too. This is where many practices vary. This point of focus can come through our various senses. For example if engaging sense of touch, you might use something tactile like a stone or beads. If you are engaging sound, your focus might be on a mantra or chanting. If engaging sight, you might gaze at an object or candle which will be our “focus” for this practice.

Candle gazing is a practice called Trataka which means “to look or to gaze” in Sanskrit. Is has been proven to help boost memory and enhance our ability to concentrate. It is also known to stimulate the “third eye” or sixth chakra which is about intuition, integration, insight and wisdom.

In this simple and short 5 minute guided meditation, we will explore a modified version of this technique. If you are not comfortable with a candle, you can still practice this meditation by simply imagining the candle in your mind’s eye.

Get settled in a comfortable space and light up your favorite candle where it can be on a stable surface and ideally at eye level. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Elizabeth Gilbert

“So here’s what I want to know — Can we lighten up a little?” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Guided Meditation: Engaging Sense of Sight

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