Mindfulness Booster: Nosh With Some Gratitude

Mindful eating is a popular mindfulness activity that is simple, but not necessarily easy. I come from a long line of food shovelers, so when it comes to slowing down and enjoying the food we consume, it literally requires a concentrated effort.

Because the practice is such a stretch for me, I’ve learned to break it down into bite size nuggets, doing the best I can and realizing the importance of a non-judgmental attitude when we flexing our mindfulness muscle.

Below are some steps that I take to gradually lead me into the savory world of mindful eating. Feel free to practice with others or on your own. As a bonus, you can listen to the 5 minute guided heart centered awareness meditation beforehand to help ready you.

Mindfulness Practice: Eating

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose. Just look at the food for a few moments and notice the colors, textures, and scents.

Step 2: Tap into some gratitude as you think about where your food has come from. Think of all the people who helped to bring it to fruition – the farmers, the truck drivers, the grocery store clerk, etc.

Step 3: Try not to read or talk at the same time of eating. Become aware of the physical sensations as you chew and then swallow. Take a deep breath after each bite. When you notice your mind wanders (which it will), bring it back mindfully to the food on your plate.

Step 4: Become aware of when you feel full and when you have had enough.

Guided Meditation: 5 Minute Heart-Centered Awareness

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