Mindfulness Booster: Take Your Body Scan Anywhere

Body awareness is a common mindfulness practice and one of my personal favorites. If your attention drifts (and it will!), simply bring yourself back to the physical sensations. As you explore the physical sensations as they come and go, you become a witness to your body and breath which helps to relieve stress and develop present-moment awareness. This practice also helps to cultivate a sense of grounding because the weight of the body can counterbalance our minds which often can feel like they are going haywire.

And the best part of the body scan – you can practice anywhere! Here are a few places to explore either with the 10 minute guided meditation below or on your own.

1. Shower – Imagine the water washing away any tension as you focus on the sensations of the water hitting various body parts.

2. Park/Beach – Take of your shoes and get some extra grounding by feeling your feet in the grass or sand.

3. Laying Down – This is a wonderful practice to do before bed.

4. Sitting up in bed – This is also a wonderful practice to do upon waking up. Be sure and try to sit in an upright position (otherwise, you are likely to snooze:-) and imagine waking up your body with your awareness.

Guided Meditation: 15 Minute Body Scan

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