Mindfulness Booster: Waiting

I’ve spent the majority of July waiting. There has been the tangible waiting – at airports, in traffic, or at the doctor’s office for my 6 month check-ups. And there has been the metaphorical waiting – for guidance, feedback, or a response of some nature. But regardless of the type of waiting, my meditation practice has been my homebase. Whether preparing for a medical procedure or feeling nervous about an upcoming presentation, by simply turning to my breath and often times my mantra practice, I find myself more connected, calm, and trusting of whatever the next moment holds.

Below you will find some basic steps to make the most of your version of “waiting” followed by a 5-minute guided mantra practice. Mantra is an effective tool that simply requires a gentle repetition which can settle down the nervous system and create new neural pathways. So next time you are in line at the grocery store, stuck in traffic, or experiencing airport delays, know that these mindfulness tips are always with you. Enjoy!

Mindfulness Practice: Waiting

Step 1: As you are waiting, become aware of any emotions that may be bubbling up. Likely ones include frustration, worry, and anger.

Step 2: Now bring your awareness to the sensations in your body as a result of these emotions. Perhaps your breath might be shallow, you may notice some heat in your body, or you may notice tears starting to well up.

Step 3: Stay focused on the physical sensation and simply begin to take some deep breaths in and out of your nose. This naturally access our parasympathetic nervous system which naturally calms us. Continue to deepen and elongate with each breath cycle.

Step 4: After a few breath cycles, check in again with the physical sensations in your body. Notice if anything has shifted.

Guided Meditation: Mantra

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