Monday Mindfulness: Bathtub Breath

Many people find swimming or floating a relaxing practice. This is in large part because when we are under water we can actually hear our breath. The most direct way to do this is actually float on your back in the pool, ocean or bathtub so your ears are submerged. However, given that may not be a practical everyday reality, today we try and mimic this underwater sounding breath as a way to nourish and relax. For extra effect, grab your sound proof headphones and close your eyes.

Step 1: Place your palms over your ears or place your headphones on.

Step 2: Deeply and slowly inhale through your nose to a count of 3. Hold for a moment, and then slowly exhale through your nose to a count of 3.

Step 3: As you inhale see if you can draw the breath along the back of your throat and listen for the breath. As you exhale, listen as your breath is amplified in the throat.

Step 4: Enjoy this ocean sounding rhythm for a few more breath cycles. When you feel complete, slowly open your eyes.

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