Monday Mindfulness: Be Your Own Bestie

One of the basic essentials to starting any mindfulness + meditation practice is to be kind to yourself. But what I’ve discovered, is that can be a foreign concept for many of us. Sure we can drop everything and be there for a loved one who needs us, but we may not be so versed in offering that same kindness to ourselves. The following will provide some tips to flexing our kindness muscle inwardly.

Step 1: Close your eyes and take some deep breaths as you settle into your body.

Step 2: Bring to mind someone you love and care about deeply – a partner, friend, parent, child, pet, etc. Anyone who warms your heart.

Step 3: Imagine them standing in front of you and feel your love for them deepen with each breath at your heart center. See their heart center expanding as well.

Step 4: After several breaths, now imagine them giving that same deep love to you. Allow yourself to fully receive this deep love, kindness, and appreciation as you continue to breathe into your heart center.

Feel this presence with you throughout the day (and your life) – especially in times where we may feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated. Imagine your internal bestie standing by your side offering this reminder to to cut yourself some slack and to treat yourself with deep love, kindness and appreciation.

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  • Caryl Yontz August 28, 2015

    Thank you Paige. I always need to be reminded to be kind to myself as I tend to
    be pretty hard on myself at times. Caryl

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