Monday Mindfulness: Label Your Thoughts

One of the key essentials in any meditation practice is the realization that it is ok to have thoughts. That’s right – it’s the nature of the brain to have thoughts. Meditation is the practice of becoming awareness that we are having the thoughts and come back to a point of focus in the present moment. Ultimately we learn to simply bear witness and observe these thoughts without getting lost in the story of them. Below is a technique that helps us do exactly that. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Find a place to get comfortable and close your eyes.
Step 2: Set a timer for anywhere from 1-5 minutes.
Step 3: Focus on your natural breath.
Step 4: When a thought arises, simply label it THINKING and go back to focus on your breath.
Continue with each thought that comes up and go back to the breath until the time ends.

Labeling our thoughts helps to quiet the emotion associated with them so we can experience more inner peace. Remember, be kind to yourself, this is training.

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