Monday Mindfulness: Neck Rolls

Monday Mindfulness Minute

Mindful movement can be an effective tool that can serve as an introduction to any meditation or as a standalone practice. Today we help to release tension in a part of our bodies where many of us hold it – the neck. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose. Bring your awareness to your face. Relax your eyes, mouth, jaw, even your ears.

Step 2: Slowly begin to draw a circle with your nose as you roll your neck. Think of inhaling on the top part of the circle and exhaling at the bottom. Try to avoid crunching your neck, but keep it slow and smooth. You can slowly begin to elongate the size of the circle.

Step 3: After 5 cycles, switch the direction for 5 cycles.

Step 4: Come back to center and simply sit in the stillness, noticing any sensations.

Neck rolls are a great way to bring immediate relaxation and energy release to your day.

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