Monday Mindfulness: Smiling Inside

Who can deny the general goodness that an authentic smile can bring? Smiling releases endorphins that reduce stress and help us feel better. Even faking a smile can lead to feeling happier. Below is a simple practice that will have you smiling from the inside out.

Step 1: Pause where you are and take a couple deep breaths.

Step 2: Now bring your awareness to your heart center and imagine yourself smiling inside. Perhaps you notice some warmth, or noticing the body reacting in a certain way, perhaps you feel a softening.

Step 3: Feel the smile spread to your eyes, across your face and throughout your body. Imagine every cell in your body smiling softly.

Step 4: Notice any sensations that arise and rest for a few moments in this smiling stillness.

Invite this awareness and curiosity into your day.

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  • Malia Lewin April 14, 2015

    Love this!

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