Monday Mindfulness: Molokai Sunrise

One of the highlights of my recent meditation retreat in Molokai was taking part in a sunrise meditation overlooking Kalapaupa, a former colony for people suffering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy). It is impossible not to imagine the incredible suffering that took place so many years ago at this overlook. And the backdrop of such beauty makes the paradox all the more overt. This is just a small snippet (1:30) of a very moving and powerful reminder of the existence of duality and that despite whatever challenges we may encounter, the sun always rises providing a new day to begin again.

Sunrise is simply a beautiful time of day to practice any type of mindfulness + meditation. And when you can’t, simply follow these steps with the accompanied video.

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and get comfortable where you are.
Step 2: Simply press play. For extra impact, listen with headphones. The sound of the birds and wind is pretty amazing.
Step 3: After the video ends after a minute and a half, simply close your eyes and feel the stillness within. Notice any sensations you may be experiencing.
Step 4: When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes. Bring this awareness throughout your day.

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