Monday Mindfulness: Playing with Taste

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Engaging our senses is an effective technique that shifts our focus back to the present in a very tangible way. As a result, this can help to relieve stress. Today we focus our awareness on our sense of taste. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Get comfortable where you are, close your eyes and take a few natural breaths. Slowly begin to deepen your breath as you get settled in your body.

Step 2: Now, focus your awareness on your sense of taste. Imagine your favorite food and imagine how it tastes. Imagine its flavor and texture.

Step 3: Notice how your body responds as you think about it. Perhaps your mouth waters. Think about your tongue. Do you taste anything? Is it sweet, sour, bitter, or salty?

Step 4: Try to observe the taste in your mouth without having an opinion about it. Once you have explored the taste fully, slowly bring your awareness back to your breath and open your eyes.

This is a wonderful exercise to practice before a meal. By engaging our sense of taste, we are more likely to appreciate the flavors that are present. Enjoy!

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