Monday Mindfulness: The Email Breath

The best way to incorporate mindfulness into our lives is to think of something we do everyday, and explore ways to be more mindful while doing it. For today’s tip, we explore the opportunity of checking our email more mindful. Let’s get started!

Step 1: As you prepare to check your email for the first time of the day, take 3 deep breaths. Inhale (3 counts), exhale (3 counts).
Step 2: Just notice your breath as you start reading emails.
Step 3: Continue to read through your emails and try to incorporate 1 deep breath before each response.
Step 4: Simply notice how easily it is to go into auto pilot when emailing, and try to continue to bring your attention to your breath throughout the day as you check your email and other daily work tasks.

While ideally you can incorporate this practice throughout your day, at a minimum, try to make this your first on and last off email ritual of the day. As we do this, we invite the opportunity to be less reactive and more responsive in our communications.

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