Private and Group Sessions

Perhaps you’ve never thought of yourself as a meditator. We believe that anyone can meditate + practice mindfulness. You just need to learn the tools and techniques that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, increase productivity, or want to be more relaxed, private classes are ideal for those who are curious about what meditation is and want to know more. Check out some of the proven benefits and research supporting meditation and mindfulness as solutions that can increase your overall health and well being.

We will work with you to identify tangible goals and tailor a plan designed specifically for you. Through a variety of formats you will learn what meditation is, what it isn’t and what meditation can do for your modern, busy life. We will also explore how the brain works, so you can better understand and learn how to increase your focus, decrease worrying thoughts, and reduce stress. The Jump Start Program is a great way to get started.

Together we will explore what technique(s) fit best for your lifestyle and address any obstacles that arise including identifying the best location in your home to begin your practice. It is a fun and interactive way to learn an effortless meditation technique that you can do easily at home or work.

Classes are available in person or via Skype and 4-6 sessions are recommended to build a foundation for a regular practice. Each session will include a 20-minute guided meditation and explore a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques and practices including body awareness, breath awareness, self inquiry, and silent mantra.

Looking to jump start your practice today? Consider my Gateway To Presence online program.

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