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One of the biggest benefits around cultivating a meditation and mindfulness practice is that it really doesn’t require any special products or clothing. Having said that, the right products and clothing can certainly enhance your space and experience.

Admittedly, I am a bit of a product junkie. As co-founder of sustainable lifestyle product company BlueAvocado, we witnessed our ideas manifest into products that help people live a more reusable lifestyle that is accessible and functional And now, as I continue to immerse myself in all things mindfulness and meditation, my product curiosity has led me to discover products that can be key when it comes to cultivating a space to support a practice that fits our lifestyle.  As a result, I have I have curated some of my favorite mindfulness + meditation products, books, clothing and other accessories via my new Soul Sparks Amazon store. I’m so excited to have a resource to finally point people to when it comes to creating a mindfulness space or “zen den” as I like to refer to my space. I’ll be featuring each product in more detail in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out the various categories in the upper right corner of the store including:

Meditation Accessories – This category includes seating, salt lamps, and journals which are all key elements to my personal zen den.

Books I Love – These are the books that have played a pivotal role in my life on all things mindfulness, meditation and creativity. I go back to these books time and time again.

Cozy Clothing – I won’t deny my obsession for both super functional and super cozy clothing. Because temperature fluctuations can be common when sitting in meditation, I like to have access to light layers. And these are some of my favorites.

Body Support – While this may not be specific to meditation, these are tools that were instrumental in my cancer recovery. I highly recommend the wedge system for anyone who has a pending surgery.

Best of BlueAvocado – While BlueAvocado has come along way since our beginnings, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite all time products that we’ve created and that are still available only on Amazon.

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