Strong Roots. Big Dreams.

Welcome to Soul Sparks® Collective (parent brand to Pebbl™ )– a gathering place for family. A safe haven for friends.  A launching pad for seekers of peace – of all ages. Lovingly envisioned by sisters and co-founders Paige Davis and Melissa Nathan, Soul Sparks Collective is designed to serve as a hub, offering products and services for all things mindful and peace-inducing – reflecting our own ongoing journeys to more centered and grateful living.

A little history. Soul Sparks began as a compilation of inspirational quotes curated by Paige over 20 years ago, lovingly bound and sent out as holiday gifts/bathroom reading to our extended family. It then evolved into a consulting practice for Paige’s mindfulness, meditation, and resilience training for individuals, studios and organizations. And today, we launch its third iteration with the addition of Paige’s sister Missy by her side.  As co-founders of social impact brand, BlueAvocado, we like to say “this is not our first rodeo.” But in so many ways Soul Sparks Collective is most definitely a first.

We launch Soul Sparks Collective during these unprecedented times of hardship for so many and uncertainty for all. As we introduce our new venture, we can say that for the first time, we do so with hearts broken wide open.  Along with our sister, Megan, we spent the past 8 weeks in Tulsa, Oklahoma caring for our parents who were unexpectedly laid to rest 10 days apart from one another. Caring for them and watching their exit from this world was heartbreaking yet so very sacred.  They lived life much in the same manner they left it – in their own way, on their own terms, with grace, strength and surrounded by love.  We feel so grateful that one of our last “normal and clear” moments with Mom and Dad was sharing our vision for Soul Sparks Collective and Pebbl™. Seeing the excitement and delight in their eyes will truly be something we will always treasure.

Soul Sparks Collective was born from the idea that we all possess a unique power within. A spark that is waiting to ignite. A light that is unique to each of us, one that we have both been cultivating throughout our adult lives. Through Paige’s breast cancer diagnosis and recovery, our collective years of partnership, marriage, divorce, child rearing and care taking, we have explored and dabbled in many spiritual modalities in our quest for peace. And ALL paths led to the same discoveries of embodying our inner strength, listening to our unique “inner” voices and most important, trusting our spark that continues to light our way. As a first of many journeys, we launch Soul Sparks Collective in complete faith – not necessarily in a predetermined outcome, but rather in the “knowing” that we are on the right path and will emerge from this adventure better than we began.

We hope you will consider Soul Sparks Collective your home base, just as it is ours, as we continue to explore this light within.  While Pebbl will be our first physical product offering, this will be the hub for some of our go-to resources including teachers we love, apps & studios we recommend, workplace training, and Soul Sparks meditations and programs. We also invite you to join us on Instagram and Facebook.

And so it is, with an overwhelming mix of gratitude and humility, a hint of our Dad’s entrepreneurial spirit, and a little of our Mama’s grace, that we welcome you to the Soul Sparks Collective family. May each of our sparks shine bright, so so bright.

Love – Paige and Missy

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  1. My dearest friendS, Janie and Mark have shared your website with me. As a friend for 50 years, Janie has shared stories of you families, both the happiest and sad times you have endured. I applaud your efforts and love will k forward to your posts.

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