Teachers We Love

We Love

We embrace the importance of taking pause. We also know how overwhelming and intimidating it can feel to take the first step towards exploring when, where and how to welcome that pause. But like so many things in life, we’ve learned we can’t do it alone and it is important to seek tools and teachers that can guide us.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite teachers (listed in alphabetical order) that have helped us and the people we love spark more peace, ease, and joy in our lives. This will continue to be an ongoing list. A bit of advice that is helpful for us, be honest with what resonates and what doesn’t. Often it is the honesty of what’s not working that provides the space and allowance for what does. Enjoy and be kind to yourself, so kind.

  • Amanda Gilbert – Rooted in accessible and science-backed mediation techniques, Amanda lives generously and wholeheartedly through her teachings based in mindfulness philosophy.
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts – We discovered Chelsea recently through the Peloton app. Her joy and gentleness is contagious through her yoga and meditation classes that range from gratitude to breath awareness.
  • Davidji – One of our first teachers at The Chopra Center, Davidji is the embodiment of wisdom, joy, and accessibility. He teaches in a way that brings very esoteric concepts into a tangible practice through a combination of mindfulness, primordial sound, and other Vedic teachings.
  • Deepak Chopra + The Chopra Center – Our first formal training, this will always be our meditation home base that sparked our daily practices over 8 years ago with a focus on primordial sound meditation.
  • Elena Brower – We love Elena’s soothing and approachable style. Her wisdom and deep personal practice translate into a welcoming meditation experience for all.
  • Emily Fletcher (Ziva Meditation) – Emily is a rockstar teacher focusing on high performing individuals but also anyone who is looking to understand the science behind stress and why meditation is such a potent tool via a combination of mindfulness and Vedic techniques
  • Flint Sparks – One of Paige’s personal teachers. Many of you may know Flint from her book. She credits him for helping embody her meditation practice in profound ways that have forever shifted how she faces both challenge and uncertainty, but also ease and joy.
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn – Often described as the grandfather of mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn is the creator of the well known MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) technique created at UMASS. His books sparked our interest over 20 years ago.
  • Kris Carr – A true wellness warrior, Kris has created an impressive wellness brand that is so thoughtful and wise and that translates into her meditations that can range from managing stress to gratitude.
  • Light Watkins – Light tells it like it is and again provides a very accessible approach to meditation based on Vedic techniques.
  • Matt Kahn – A meaningful modern day teacher, Matt takes older spiritual paradigms and presents them in such a heart-centered way.
  • Megan Monahan – Megan is also a teacher at The Chopra Center with a focus on mindfulness, primordial sound, and Vedic philosophy. We love her teachings and approach which is very thoughtful yet sassy.
  • Panache Desai – A believer that the breath is our key to meditation, Panache is a spiritual teacher helping us discover the importance of energy, transmutation, and vibrational alignment.
  • Sarah Mclean – Our co-founder Paige became a certified meditation teacher through Sarah’s programs. Her approach is accessible and incorporates a variety of techniques ranging from breath, body, mantra, and heart-based practices.
  • Sebene Selassi – We first discovered Sebene on the Ten Percent Happier app and have found her to be an important guide in exploring the themes of belonging and identity through meditation, creativity, and spirituality.
  • Sharon Salzberg – Sharon is also one of the great all time teachers. Her teachings in compassion and loving kindness are key when in the midst of uncertainty and our go-to when helplessness feels overwhelming.
  • Sheelagh Marie – Sheelagh goes there, literally:-) She is a psychic medium that always provides the most nurturing and healing perspective. She’s been a go-to resource and support for over a decade.
  • Tara Brach – With a background in psychotherapy, Tara’s talks and meditations have provided life changing insight, particularly in difficult times.
  • Tiffani Moore – We discovered Tiffani’s powerful meditations and joyful approach via the Journey Meditation app. You can’t help but feel connected to yourself and something bigger through her guidance.
  • Tracee Stanley – Primarily a teacher of Yoga Nidra, Tracee’s teachings are transcendent and we have discovered such important wisdom and guidance in her grounded approach.