Toolkit Tuesday: Candle

Toolkit Tuesday: Candle

The great thing about meditation is that it doesn’t necessarily require any special gear or equipment. However, there are certainly tools which can help to enhance our practice and our space. And fair warning – I’m a bit of a product junkie, so accessorizing my meditation practice and space is something that brings me a lot of joy. Which is why I am so excited about a new segment on the blog called “Toolkit Tuesday” where I will feature various physical tools and products that can support our practice and enhance it with some variety and creativity. To start, we will explore engaging our senses and specifically sight with a candle meditation.

Alternate uses:
• Simply light the candle as a way to mark your meditation space and experience.
• Use as a way to engage sense of smell by just becoming aware of the scents coming from the candle.

My favorite candle:
• Prosperity Candle: Not only are their designs and scents amazing, but they are superb quality and long lasting. This is a really inspiring social impact company that creates opportunities for women and families to flourish earning a living wage. Learn more at their website.
Let’s get started:
• Get settled in a comfortable space where the candle is on a stable surface.
• Set your timer for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.
• Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed.
• Inhale and exhale through the nose slowly as you begin to feel your body settle.
• Once you feel present, slowly open your eyes and gaze softly at the flame.
• When you feel as though you need to blink, close your eyes and visualize the candle in your minds eye.
• Continue to alternate with gazing at the candle and closing the eyes.
• If thoughts arise (and they will), simply bring your focus back to the candle.
• It isn’t about studying the flame, but rather using the flame as a point of attention.
• Once the timer goes off, sit for a few more moments in stillness.

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