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15 years ago, I was living in San Francisco. It was the height of the dotcom boom and inspiration + creativity was at an all time high. Having always been a collector of quotes, I felt inspired to compile some of my favorites into a booklet to share with friends and family. I titled the collection Soul Sparks and like most people during the height of the dotcom boom with any random idea, purchased the domain. It was old school with wire binding done at Kinkos, but I believe well received. To this day, I can walk into the homes of friends and family and see Soul Sparks next to a night stand, a coffee table, and perhaps in the occasional bathroom.

Life continued with the reliable ebb and flow over the years of which I can now reflect upon as stepping stones to my personal, professional and spiritual journey. Soul Sparks was there with each mark on the journey. While I wasn’t consistent year over year with the production of Soul Sparks, I did go on to produce four more collections. And then, admittedly, I simply lost my Soul Sparks mojo, but was reminded annually via Go Daddy, that I still had the domain, and continued the investment because I simply was never ready to let it go.

Fast forward a few years and my cancer diagnosis and in one of the most gracious gestures, my cousins all got together and arranged to have flowers delivered weekly throughout the course of my treatments. Each weekly delivery was accompanied by a quote, or rather a Soul Spark. It was these weekly gestures + sentiments accompanied with my daily practice of mindfulness, meditation and visualization as key components of my healing journey which served as the catalysts to spark my “new normal” and the ultimate next generation of Soul Sparks.

I created this iteration of Soul Sparks as a destination to inspire and empower anyone looking to create a meaningful and accessible approach to living a more mindful life through meditation + mindfulness programs.

If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to sign up on the home page for the newsletter (and receive a free body awareness practice as a bonus). I’ll be offering programs for the corporate setting that can bring more focus and productivity in the workplace. I will also be offering private and group sessions for individuals looking to explore meditation + mindfulness in an accessible way that will fit your lifestyle.

You can also explore the blog for the latest musings, and the inspiration section of the site for a new digital take on Soul Sparks that you can share with friends and family.

A special thanks to my designer Stefani Harris who helped bring Soul Sparks to life and helping me to rediscover the joy, ease, and fulfillment that the creative process can bring.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share the tips, tools, and insights that have been so transformational in my own life.

With much love + delight!

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  • Karen November 2, 2014

    Fabulous web-site. It traces your inspirational path from your very first “wilderness adventure.”

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