Work With Me

Imagine a life where you feel…

  • Less stressed and overwhelmed.
  • More connected in your relationships.
  • Less judgmental of yourself and others.
  • More focused and resilient in high demand situations.
  • Feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As an entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and mindfulness + meditation trainer, I take my collective experiences, training and proven techniques to demystify and understand the basics of mindfulness and meditation.  You will see that meditation isn’t a waste of time, or simply a life hack to be more productive (which it totally is), but a tool to help you finally get off the roller coaster of feeling overwhelmed and consumed by stress.  I bring a unique perspective of modern-day mindfulness and meditation that doesn’t require a crisis to get started, but rather curiosity, open-heartedness, connection and the desire to create a better life now, not just when life gets turned upside down. Oh, and BONUS it sure makes us better equipped in the likelihood that a crisis does hit or when life just likes to throw those curve balls. With just a little bit of willingness, you will be on your way to living an empowered and confident life in the present so you can have more calm, creativity, connection, clarity, and start living the life you want NOW!  Below are some of the ways we can work together.

Workplace Mindfulness 

Workplace mindfulness leads to healthier employees, better communication, less absenteeism, and more creativity. We will demystify the myths and incorporate mindfulness into your organization in tangible and accessible ways that fits your culture and enhances team dynamics. Check out the programs here.

Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you want to build a meditation practice or looking to apply a transformational perspective to a challenge in your life or business, coaching helps you become more present, patient and productive in your life. We will discuss your specific needs and design a plan of action together. Check out the programs here.